If you’re interested in the paranormal, don’t miss Mason Winfield’s Haunted History Ghostwalks.

You're in for a haunting experience!

You're in for a haunting experience!

Winfield is a researcher, supernatural historian and the author of five books on the paranormal.  He explains that a number of factors may explain the paranormal phenomona found in this region.
  1. The region is rich in Federal, Greek and Roman-style architecture which seem to correlate with ghost stories.
  2. Many of today’s villages are built on land once owned by Native Americans.  When Sullivan’s 1779 Campaign swept through the countryside, burning crops and homes and turning Seneca inhabitants out into the harsh New York winter, that may have left a deep psychic imprint.
  3. Lily Dale Assembly, located in Western New York, is the home of a Spiritualist community which actively seeks psychic communication and events.
  4. The flow of energy in this region’s geology may catalyze paranormal phenomena.
Whatever the reason, Mason Winfield’s research-based Ghostwalks combine pyschic folklore, tales of famous historic ghosts, ancient Seneca legends, stories of historical occurences and insights on local architecture into his spellbinding encounters.
Mason enjoys discussion with skeptics.  “Discussion gives us a chance to show that there is something very interesting going on with psychic phenonema…”

To join one of these 90-minute, mile-long walking tours, meet at 7 p.m., dressed for the weather, at the following locations:

CANANDAIGUA – Saturdays, through October 25th; The Commons, S. Main & Coach St.
LYONS – Saturdays, through October 25th; Wayne County Courthouse on the Greens.

The fee is $10 for adults and $5 for children age 7-11, reservations not required.

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Mason Winfield also offers Ghost Toasts, an evening of psychic enchantment, customized for groups or events, which may include spirits of the liquid sort, a haunting lecture, a ghost hunt or tour and psychic readings.  It’s sure to entertain your guests!

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