I can’t believe it’s late November and we’re already getting snow.  It usally arrives here in early December, but this year, surprise!

Yesterday, as I sat in my office working, I looked out the window to watch the gently falling snow.  Just outside is a tall evergreen and a maple tree whose branches are already bare.  Suddenly, a pair of cardinals  landed in the evergreen’s branches, lightly dusted with snow.  The vibrant holiday-red of the male and the brown-red of the female caught my eye as they hopped from branch-to-branch.  Almost as quickly, they flew off.

A few minutes later, movement caught my eye and I looked up to see a most fantastic sight.  Sitting on the branch of the tree, no farther than 15 feet away, was an enormous hawk!  He looked around, surveying the ground for lunch.  Slowly, his head and eyes swiveled toward me and we stared at each other, he quite unperturbed and I, in amazement.  I’ve never before seen a hawk so close and had no idea how majestic they are.

I grew up in the Finger Lakes and after college, moved to New York City.  In truth, I never realized I missed seeing a variety of birds.  In NYC, pigeons and seagulls are most typical.

It’s only upon returning to the Finger Lakes, that I realized how rich the bird life is here.  I’ve since learned that this region’s geography makes the perfect habitat for birds, which is why we’re on the migratory path for many species. 

Although Spring is really the best seasons for birdwatching, winter is also great because the birds are easier to spot in the snow.   In the next post, I’ll list some great places to bird watch.