While we were at the Mendon Park Winterfest yesterday, I made a new discovery!

Mendon Ponds Park hosts the Wild Wings Birds of Prey Facility, a not-for-profit organization, that cares for injured birds of prey (raptors) that can no longer survive on their own in the wild.

Zeus is one of a pair of Golden Eagles that resides at Wild Wings

Zeus is one of a pair of Golden Eagles that resides at Wild Wings

The birds are cared for by Volunteers and housed at a facility behind the Mendon Parks Nature Center.  There, you can see two Golden Eagles, a Bald Eagle, several Red-tailed Hawks, a variety of Owls, a Vulture named “Barf” and their latest guest is a black crow that was illegally domesticated and now meows to visitors.  Although the majority of their charges are birds, they also care for one Bobcat named Tara.

The organization does not receive governmental funding and depends on donations from the public, fees received from their educational programs (which include traveling demonstrations, birthday parties and Scout Badges) and proceeds from their on-site Cottage Store, which offers bird-related gift items for sale, as well as refreshments.

The Nature Center and Wild Wings Birds of Prey Facility are located on the west side of Mendon Ponds Park near the corner of Route 65 and Williams RoadCLICK HERE for a map to Mendon Ponds Park.

The Wild Wings Birds of Prey Facility is open to the public every day except Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Note to Hunters: Wild Wings Birds of Prey Facility appreciates the donation of deer meat which is used to feed the birds.  The meat need not be processed, as Wild Wings makes arrangements for that.  Contact them at 585.334-7790.