In a letter to the Editor of Life in the Finger Lakes magazine, wildlife photographer Kyle Reynolds expresses his concern over a new flood management policy that has been set in motion to remove trees from areas with man-made levees.

How wiill flood management plan affect this species?

How wiill a new flood management plan affect this species?

Despite research provided by scientists showing that trees are beneficial, rather than detrimental to levees, and despite Kyle’s efforts to bring attention to how the plan will hurt wildlife,   deforestation has begun in the area along the Chemung River.

I share Kyle’s concerns.  After growing up here, I moved to New York City for over 20 years.  Until I returned to this region, I had no idea how rich we were in wildlife and birds.  Unless you have lost and regained it, you have no idea how the songs of birds, the sight of wild animals and the wealth of beautiful  trees of stately grandeur enrich your life.

Does anyone know how widespread this flood management plan is?  Does someone have an idea of how to halt this destructive plan until a full feasibility study can be done to understand the effects of such a policy?

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