Since the post I wrote three weeks ago about Rochester’s Lilac Festival, I’ve gotten assorted questions about lilacs that will bloom in the south, and particularly in Florida.

I checked with Doc Lilac, one of the foremost authorities on lilacs, and he shared that there are about a dozen that will bloom in warm climates.  All of the “Southern Bloomers” listed below are available through Lilac Hill Nursery.

Angel White is one of Doc's favorites and will bloom in southern climates

Angel White will bloom in southern climates

  • Lilac Sunday – Chinese-type but pinkish lavender flowers bloom 2″ along the stem.  Make a great hedge.
  • Lavender Lady – Blooms in the south.
  • Common Lilac – Oldest, most fragrant, robust lavender-purple.
  • Angel White – Highly rated, blooms in the south.
  • Avalanche – Gorgeous white.  Robust grower.  New.
  • Declaration – Magenta
  • Excel – Pink
  • Sylvan Beauty – Lavender Pink
  • California Rose – Lightest Pink
Maidens Blush is a good bet

Maidens Blush is a good bet

The following varieties, Doc described as “Worth a try” for southern climates:

  • Tinkerbelle – New Similar to Korean – loaded with hot pink flowers.
  • Miss Kim – Purple buds open icy lavender blue.  Fragrant & long-blooming.
  • Korean Lilac – Small plant, small leaves, fall color.  Very fragrant.
  • Mt. Baker – Blooms early, young.  Extremely fragrant.  Fall colors in leaves.
  • Esther Staley – Magenta, opening to pink.  Early, heavy bloomer.
  • Maidens Blush – Rose buds, pink flower, blooms early on young plants.  Flowers like hydrangea.

If you have questions about these plants, please feel free to call (585) 251-1830 or visit Lilac Hill Nursery located at 2366 Turk Hill Road, Victor.