Naples, NY is the grape pie capital of the world.  If you’ve never tasted a grape pie, you’ve missed a New York State delicacy. These pies were first created in the 1950’s and became popular during the 1960’s when Al Hodges, owner of the Redwood Restaurant began serving them to his patrons.  Soon, demand outstripped his ability to produce them so he hired entrepreneur baker Irene Bouchard to supply his novel dessert.  Word traveled, Redwood’s business boomed and grape pies became a cottage industry in the Finger Lakes region.

Naples grape pieToday, there are as many different recipes as there are bakers who create them.  Many of the bakers use concord grapes, but some use wordens, green grapes and Delawares.  Each year at the Naples Grape Festival, a grape pie baking contest showcases the masterpieces of the region’s finest grape pie makers.  These pies are judged on their taste, texture, appearance and flavor.

During the months of September and October, you can purchase grape pies at roadside stands in and around Naples, NY, but throughout the year, you can also purchase grape pies at the following locations:

  • Monica’s Pies – Monica Schenk owns a pie shop in Naples, NY and makes over 25 varieties of pies, including delicious grape pies. The shop is also stocked with an assorment of gifts, jams, jellies and conserves. 7599 Route 21  Naples, NY.
  • Arbor Hill Wineries – Winery owners John and Katie Brahms offer grape pies as well as filling tomake your own grape pies, also available online. 6461 Route 64
    Naples, NY
    .  If you visit, be sure to taste their wonderful wines and visit their shop, full of assorted wine-oriented gifts.

For more about the Naples Grape Festival and to get a grape pie recipe, click on: The Naples Grape Festival.

If you know of other great locations to purchase these pies or you want to recommend a particular baker, please share your comments!