Imagine yourself walking down the aisle to take your vows under a stunning canopy of contemporary sculpture and art  that swirls around you floors, walls and ceilings. At ARTISANworks, this stunning backdrop sets off the most traditional wedding as well as the most avant-garde affair, because this is not your typical art museum.

Weddings at ARTISANworks from CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN on Vimeo.

ARTISANworks will take your guests on an amazing journey through 20th and 21st Century art, design and décor that includes everything from Andy Warhol paintings, Frederic Remington sculptures and portraits of Marilyn Monroe, to carousel horses, larger-than-life match books and vintage cars.

When I asked Victoria Benz, ARTISANworks’ Director, what the most unique wedding was that has been held there, she laughed saying, “An ’80’s Prom!” She went on to describe an all pink, white and black wedding where the bridesmaids wore 1980’s-style dresses and the groom sported a pink mohawk haircut, where the centerpieces were made of pink converse sneakers with balloons and the floral arrangements were wrapped in fishnet stockings.  Although they had a blast producing this wedding, they love doing the more traditional weddings as well.  The amazing fact is, though, that the museum/event space works for any type of wedding.

ARTISANworks can host your wedding, your reception or both, and the team works to make your wedding day dreams come true. With close to a dozen rooms used for private events, they can accommodate weddings ranging in size from 4 to more than 300 guests.  And when you utilize multiple rooms, you can include as many as 1000 guests!  Madeline’s Catering provides a delightful array of delicious menu choices, and they will gladly customize your menu, but outside caterers are also welcome.  Alcoholic beverages may be brought in with no corkage fee. A yellow elephant heralds the ample parking lot across the street, but they can as easily arrange for valet parking.

For more information on holding your wedding at ARTISANworks, visit Plan an Event to browse event spaces, submit an online inquiry form and schedule your appointment with a dedicated planner by calling (585) 288-7170.

P.S. ARTISANworks is also an amazing place to hold pre-wedding functions! Imagine, for example… an intimate rehearsal dinner in an elegant Victorian dining room or a chic Japanese tatami room… a bachelorette bash in your own private tap room complete with popcorn machine, game tables and sports car or perhaps a bachelor party in the vintage firehouse complete with 1950’s fire truck ….

For more information and photos of ARTISANworks, visit ARTISANworks, an Art Lover’s Treasure Hunt.

Photos courtesy of Heather McKay.  All photos in this slideshow are copyright 2011 © McKay’s Photography.