As dusk descends, Main Street sparkles with lights

In general, I cover the Finger Lakes region, but I also love to travel to other destinations, so I am covering this as a “Beyond the Finger Lakes” post.

Last summer, we took our daughters Danielle and Nicole to Disney World®  in Orlando, Florida for the second time in six years. The first was when they were five.  One week before we left, I broke a bone in my foot. Seeing Disney World via wheelchair was not in the original plans, but we made the best of it! I did forgo many of the rides because I tended to “stomp on the brakes” during the rides, but we enjoyed our trip nevertheless.

Danielle and Nicole "peep watchin'"

On one day, we stayed at the pool during the day and went to the park in the late afternoon to catch the Main Street Electrical Parade (“Summer Nightastic”) which we’d missed when the girls were 5.  The crowds start gathering early, strolling up and down the charming “Main Street America,” and a festive mood of excitement fills the streets.

If you have little ones and you’re wondering whether you should keep them up past bedtime, I advise you not to miss the parade because it truly is magical.  One word of advice…Disney does a wonderful job of moving people quickly and safely, but there are a lot of people and it is late by the time the extravaganza is over, so renting a wagon or having an umbrella stroller for getting the kids back to the car or hotel is a smart idea.  For dates and times of the parade, be sure to check the Times Guide at the entrance to the park, or you can go to any guest relations center.

When I started to take video of the parade (perched in my wheelchair), I discovered that my video camera was dead, so this was taken with a small digital Canon still camera.  Who knew a wheelchair could double as a tripod?!

A few fun factoids about the castle you’ll see here: At 189 feet high, it’s the tallest structure in the park, and it has 18 towers and 13 gargoyles!

My appreciation to Walt Disney World® for allowing me to share this video footage I took while there.

Photos and video by Carol White Llewellyn.  Copyright 2011 © Carol White Llewellyn. All rights reserved.