family-luggage-for-widget2I swear the ability to navigate is located in the same section of the brain as the ability to do math!  If you’re missing one talent, you’re probably missing the other.  I know whereof I speak.  For me, both of those skills are located in a black hole.  Thankfully, the ability to read maps is located elsewhere.

Anyway, my friend Elaine is also missing both the math and directional skill sets, so for Christmas, her husband lovingly gave her a GPS unit.  Somewhat in denial about her navigational ability or possibly her husband’s practical approach to Christmas, it took her a while to install the unit in her car…until she had to drive  to Buffalo.

She’s driving along and doing great…for a while. 

The GPS, now named Gertrude, tells her, ” Turn right at the next intersection.”

“How can I turn right?  It’s a farmer’s barn !” She replies, thinking of every bad cartoon where a car careens into a barn then exits filled with squawking ducks and squealing pigs. 

“Turn left,”  Gertrude advises next.

“Left?  If I turn left, I’ll be in a duck pond!” Elaine retorts hotly.

“Go straight for 300 yards,” Gertrude prompts her.

By now, she’s yelling at Gertrude.   “If I go straight,” she shrieks, peering through a picture window into a living room, ” I’m going to join those kids for Saturday morning Cheerios and cartoons!”

At last, in total frustration, she pulls off to the side of the road, realizing she is completely off track.

What could be wrong?  Everyone else swears by GPS units.  How could hers be leading her so astray?

Suddenly she recalls the instructions: “MOUNT THE GPS UNIT ON YOUR DASHBOARD.”

She looks at her empty dashboard. 

Then she looks at Gertrude, securely fastened to her driver’s side window. 

She realizes she and Gertrude have been driving in directions perpendicular to each other.  No wonder Gertrude is lost!

So do you suppose the ability to follow directions is in the same section of the brain as mathematical and navigational ability?