There's a cell phone app for every travel situation

My daughters were three at the time and I was returning to  my home outside of New York City from a multi-day conference. My connecting flight had been cancelled and I’d been sitting in the airport for about five hours.  It was 11:30 p.m. and I was number 7 on the waiting list for the last flight out on which they had room for only three more passengers.  Many of my fellow passengers had given up in despair and headed for local hotels.

They called a name for seat number 1 of 3 and someone stepped forward to claim it.  They called a name for seat number 2 and, same thing.  By now chances were looking grim for my getting home that night.  Then they called another name. No response. They called it a second time. Again, no response.  Amazingly, this happened five times.  At last, they got to my name.  I almost knelt down to kiss the gangplank as I boarded the plane!

Needless to say, that was before the tremendous rise in cell phone apps.  Now, there’s an app for everything, and travelers are one segment of the population to benefit from these handy tools.

Today, I share a terrific post from titled 80 Different Travel Apps for Summer Vacation which gives the skinny on apps that do everything from monitoring departure times and translating foreign language signs using the phone’s camera, to taking a virtual treasure hunt and finding the best local happy hour.

If you travel a lot, be sure to check out this list!

If I’d had a couple of the apps on this list, I probably wouldn’t have been biting nails, wondering whether I’d get on the last flight out!

Got any travel stories you’d like to share in which a cell phone app might have  or has rescued you?